Iconara Object Library

A repository of applications, widgets, code fragments and frameworks for a number of different environments and platforms which I happen to work on.

Dashboard Widgets


Widget companion to Billings which displays how much you've worked the last few days based on the number of hours reported.

Flex components and frameworks

Flex BrowserManager + SWFAddress integration

A simple package for using the Flex BrowserManager class with SWFAddress.

FlexUnit Automation kit

The FlexUnit Automation kit makes it possible to run FlexUnit tests as part of an Ant build script.

Cocoa Frameworks (old and discontinued)


A Cocoa framework for working with XML-data. Like JDOM or XOM, but in Objective-C. (a.k.a Iconara DOM framework.)


Super simple unit testing framework with Xcode integration.


Counts all created instances of all classes, and reports memory leaks. Good for debugging. See InstanceCounting on CocoaDev for more info.


Routes SystemConfiguration notifications through the standard notification center. Good if you hate (moderately) low level hacking, but still would like notifications when the network changes, the battery charge level changes, and other low level stuff. See NotificationOnNewNetwork on CocoaDev for more info.

Update! The code is in use in the TCMPortMapper and has been updated and extended.

Other things

I host a RSS and Atom feed of the CocoaDev recent changes list, see here for more info.