Detailed Description

These are the exceptions specific to the framework. They are used when there is no appropriate DOM Core Exception.


NSString *  DOMMalformedDocumentException
NSString *  DOMNoDataException
NSString *  DOMNotYetImplementedException
NSString *  DOMMalformedXPathExpressionException
NSString *  DOMXPathEvaluationException
NSString *  DOMFormatterException
NSString *  DOMXIncludeException

Variable Documentation

NSString* DOMFormatterException

Raised by the formatter, see DOMFormatter.

NSString* DOMMalformedDocumentException

Raised by the builder, see DOMBuilder.

NSString* DOMMalformedXPathExpressionException

Raised by the XPath expression compilator, see DOMXPath.

NSString* DOMNoDataException

Raised by the builder, see DOMBuilder.

NSString* DOMNotYetImplementedException

Raised where applicable.

NSString* DOMXIncludeException

Raised by the XInclude post processor, see DOMXIncludeResolver.

NSString* DOMXPathEvaluationException

Raised by the XPath expression evaluator, see DOMXPath.