DOMDocument Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for DOMDocument:

DOMParent < DOMDocument > DOMNode < DOMParent > < DOMNode > < DOMParent > < DOMNode > < DOMVisitable > List of all members.

Public Member Functions

(id)  initWithElement:

Static Public Member Functions

(id< DOMDocument >)  document
(id< DOMDocument >)  documentWithElement:

Protected Attributes

id< DOMDocType docType
id< DOMElement documentElement

Member Function Documentation

+ (id <DOMDocument>) document  

+ (id <DOMDocument>) documentWithElement: (id< DOMElement >)  root  

- (id) initWithElement: (id< DOMElement >)  element  

Initializes a new document and sets the root element.

The root element specified will be detached before set, just to be sure that it does not belong to another document.

element The root element to use
A fresh, new DOMDocument is returned

Member Data Documentation

- (id<DOMDocType>) docType [protected]

- (id<DOMElement>) documentElement [protected]