DOMPostprocessor Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Abstract superclass of post processors.

A postprocessor takes a document or a node after it has been parsed and performs some kind of processing of the nodes, an example is resolving XIncludes.

Public Member Functions

(id< DOMNode >)  processNode:sourceURL:
(id< DOMNode >)  processNode:

Static Public Member Functions

(id)  postprocessor

Member Function Documentation

+ (id) postprocessor  

- (id <DOMNode>) processNode: (id< DOMNode >)  node  

See processNode:sourceURL:.

Subclasses does not need to override this method.

- (id <DOMNode>) processNode: (id< DOMNode >)  node
sourceURL: (NSURL *)  url

Performs processing of a node. The source URL is used to resolve relative URI:s, if needed.

The returned node may or may not be the same as the one passed.

To be implemented by a concrete subclass.