TestRunner is a simple framework for unit testing.


Mac OS X 10.3 or newer. May break or may work in 10.2.



What is TestRunner?

A framework for running simple unit tests on Cocoa projects.

Why TestRunner?

There are other, more complete testing frameworks out there, most notably UnitKit (Xcode integration, Objective-C-integration), TestKit, OCUnit (old and proven) and ObjCUnit. The problem with them is that they try too much. All except UnitKit tries to be JUnit, with mixed success. Like just about every other open-source project out there, they don't come with that much documentation, which is bad, considering how much functionality they contain. All, again except UnitKit, lack Xcode integration, which is odd, since it so damn simple.
So, what has this to do with TestRunner? Well, TestRunner doesn't try to be anything special, it has the bare essentials of a testing framework, nothing more. If you want a complete unit testing framework, go with UnitKit.
TestRunner has no special assertion methods, or macros, instead it uses the built-in Cocoa assertion macros.

Known bugs and shortcommings

Dunno, haven't found any just now, but there must be some.


Release notes

2004-04-17 (v0.1)

First public version