CocoaDev Recent Changes Feed

CocoaDev is my favourite discussion board when it comes to programming, and Cocoa in particular. Too bad it doesn't have an RSS-feed for the recent changes page (which I reload manually once every ten minutes or so when I'm bored).
Not so anymore! Thanks to my boredom I have now gotten around to fixing the problem. I have a hacked a small script that takes the RecentChanges page and turns it into a news feed. Available in RSS 1.0 or Atom 0.3 it should suit most tastes.


RSS 1.0
If you want the fulltext version of the feed, which includes the whole page as the description of the item, you can add &fulltext=yes to the URL.

Suggestions, citicism, praise



There seems to be some trouble with NetNewsWire, and I have no idea why. If anyone has a clue, post it one the suggestions page (link above). The NetNewsWire problem seems to have been fixed by adding the time stamp to the title of the item.
I've implemented a few cache-tricks on the feed now, it will reply with HTTP 304 Not Modified if the feed has not been updated for readers that support this. Hopefully it will do some good. Haven't had any complaints yet, but I get quite a few hits, and wasting bandwith is just stupid. The hits on this feed swamps my statistics, by two orders of magnitude.